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Below are the Terms & Conditions of YHB Football Academy Taiwan.

Last Updated – 5 May 2019

ARTICLE 1 – General

These General Terms and Conditions apply to registration for and participation in activities organized by YHB Football Academy Taiwan (hereafter called YHB).

ARTICEL 2 – Definitions

2.1. By “activities” is meant all activities organized by YHB, such as but not limited to training and camps.

2.2. With “the parent” is meant the parent, guardian, caregiver or guardian of the registered and / or participating child.

2.3. With “the child” is meant the child who participates in the training

2.4. With YHB is meant the provider and organizer of the lessons.

2.5. De website of YHB is www.yhb.com.tw.

ARTICLE 3 – Registrations

3.1. Registration for one of the activities takes place by completing and sending the registration form on the YHB website.

3.2. The personal details of the parent and the child are strictly confidential and are used solely and exclusively for administrative purposes of YHB.

3.3. Registration for an activity will only be processed if the registration form has been fully completed and the payment conditions have been met.

3.4. Registration for participation will be handled in the order of arrival.

3.5. The parent receives a confirmation of registration by e-mail.

3.6. YHB reserves the right to cancel the activity if there are too few registrations.

3.7 YHB has the right to change the location of the activity in case of insufficient registrations.

ARTICEL 4 – Payments

4.1. The amount of the registration fee is stated on the website of YHB. The amounts stated on the website include VAT.

4.2. Payment of the registration fee is possible through a one-off payment via the website’s payment gateway.

4.3. The child can definitely participate in the activity if the payment has been received in good order.

4.4. If payment has not been made prior to the activity, YHB reserves the right to deny child (and parent) access to the activity.

4.5. In the event of cancellation of the activity by YHB (see art. 4.6.), the tuition fees already paid will be refunded.

ARTICLE 5 – Cancellation and refunds

5.1. With the exception of special circumstances, no refund for purchased trainings, camps and store items will be refundable.

ARTICLE 6 – Force majeure

6.1. In the sense of the law, force majeure means a non-attributable shortcoming. This applies in circumstances beyond the control of YHB or its employees and / or other person employed by or on behalf of YHB, and any unforeseen circumstances on the part of YHB or its employees and / or other person who have been put to work by or on behalf of YHB, as a result of which compliance with the agreement cannot reasonably be required.

6.2. Force majeure situations include technical disruptions, special weather conditions, illnesses of personnel and assistants, war, danger of war, riot, strike, fire, water damage, molestation, flood and restrictive government measures. This list is not exhaustive.

6.3. If YHB or its employees and / or other person employed by or on behalf of YHB cannot continue the service for a longer period due to force majeure, replacement will initially be sought. If this is not reasonably possible, YHB is not obliged to fulfill the agreement, and the agreement will be dissolved. Already paid tuition fees will be refunded in such a case.

6.4. YHB or its employees and / or other person employed by or on behalf of YHB has the authority to suspend compliance with the agreement for the duration of the obstruction.

6.5. In the event of dangerous weather conditions, including thunderstorms, storms, extreme heat, snow or sleet, training can be canceled.

ARTICLE 7 – Liability

7.1. The participant or his / her legal representative is jointly and severally liable for all damage that has arisen for YHB and / or any third party as a direct or indirect consequence of an attributable shortcoming – not including compliance with the rules of conduct – of the participant. YHB is not liable for the loss or damage of personal property of the participants.

7.2. All personal property remains at the risk of the participant at all times. YHB accepts – except in the case of damage caused by intent or gross negligence of YHB – no liability for damage to (valuable) items and other personal property of the participant, whether or not given to the employees of YHB as the result of theft, loss or damage.

7.3. The child’s parent undertakes to insure himself or herself against risks of their own legal liability.

7.4. Damage to property of YHB, or damage to property of the location, caused by the child or the child’s parent will be recovered from the child’s parent.

ARTICLE 8 – Audio and / or visual recordings

By publishing photos and videos on social media, parents can see what the participants are doing. Recordings are made during various occasions. For example during training, animation and tournament. Your son / daughter can also be seen on these photos (and sometimes in videos). Of course we handle photos and videos with care. We do not place names of participants on photos and videos. In addition, recordings can be made for promotional material for YHB. You may not want your child’s photos and / or videos to appear on the Internet. If you are against publication, we ask you to make this known before the start of the activity to general@yhblivingbalance.com.

ARTICLE 9 – Newsletter

When registering for an activity you automatically subscribe to the YHB newsletter.  The newsletter contains information about the approaching exercise camps. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at the bottom of the newsletter at any time.

ARTICLE 10 – Lost property

Lost property will be kept by YHB for three days after the training or camp. After this period has expired, YHB is entitled to transfer these items to a good cause.

ARTICLE 11 – Reporting special details

If you want to book an activity of YHB, we assume that compared to your peers, there is no significant learning and developmental delay, and you can participate without adjustments. If this is not the case, you are required to state this when booking. As a participant, you are required to state all the details that play there or have played before when booking. If information has not been passed on at the time of booking, but is only reported to the destination on arrival or is known, this may mean that you will be excluded from further participation.

ARTICLE 12 – Use of logo and name

12.1. “YHB” is a registered trademark

12.2. The use of the logo and / or the name YHB by persons or organizations must always be requested in advance from the owner via general@yhblivingbalance.com. Any permission can only be granted in writing.

ARTICLE 13 – General Terms and Conditions

13.1. The General Terms and Conditions of YHB are available on the website www.yhb.com.tw and can also be requested via the staff of YHB.

13.2. By registering on the website and by participating, the parent of the child declares to accept the General Terms and Conditions of YHB.

13.3. YHB is authorized to change the General Terms and Conditions. This amended version is published on the website by YHB.

ARTICLE 14 – Applicable law and disputes

14.1. Taiwan law applies exclusively to the agreement between YHB and the parent as well as these general terms and conditions, even if a party involved in the agreement is established outside Taiwan.

14.2. If the parties have a dispute as a result of the agreement, they will seek a solution in consultation.

14.3. If consultation does not lead to a solution, the parties may submit the dispute to the competent court of Taiwan, unless the law requires otherwise.

14.4. If any provision of these general terms and conditions is invalid / is invalidated, the remaining provisions will remain in full force. YHB will then consult with the parent in order to agree on a new provision whereby the aim and scope of the invalid / voided provision will be taken into account as much as possible.