On January 24, 2018

Enjoy and Revitalise With Our Taipei Wellness Packages

Join one of our four featured Taipei wellness packages built around yoga, hot spring wellness, healthy food and golf to relax and revitalise.

We schedule these wellness events on a regular basis, while you can also request us to provide and organise them on demand based on your suitable and preferred timing.

Our latest brochure provides an overview of the different wellness packages we currently offer.



In case you are not based in Taiwan, you should definitely fly over since Taiwan offers an immensely rich cultural and spiritual heritage, amazing food, world-class hot springs and stunning scenery.

Taipei, where we are based, is a great city in Northern Taiwan surrounded by mountains, where you can enjoy food, sightseeing, art and more.

On the last page of our brochure you will find a questionnaire, which you may complete and send back to us via email.

In case you are based in Taiwan, you may also want to check our online platform to see an overview of our latest events and workshops.

Read here how you can change your trip to Taiwan into a healthy and revitalising holiday.


Photo Credit: Andrew Rice on Unspslash

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