YHB is dedicated to elevating the well-being of people from all walks of life through various education channels that include seminars, workshops, coaching, live training, online training and multi media.

Knowledge is the key to establish the foundation of a balanced lifestyle.

We believe that knowledge is the key to establish the foundation of a balanced lifestyle and that understanding what affects your health, fitness and confidence is the foundation of success. That is why we have made education one of our top priorities as we believe that people living in balance will be prosperous and free.


We all have unlimited potential within ourselves, but unless that potential is nourished by the best beliefs, attitudes and resources, it remains unused. To unleash your potential for greater results you need to feed your mind and develop empowering beliefs and attitudes.

Successful people feed themselves with the best personal development products, tools, information and inspiration available.

Take action and see results that will strengthen the powerful beliefs and positive attitude you hold about yourself and your ability to succeed. The tools and answers are close at hand.

Once you lift off, your positive new approach will snowball into even better actions and results unleashing more of your potential. Continue to build on this momentum to find that the goals you considered dreams are now your daily reality.


A good plan for healthy living will improve your quality of life and lower the risk for future illnesses. A lifestyle built around healthy behaviours, good nutrition and exercise will help you feel great and help your body heal.

YHB promotes making healthy behaviours part of your life.


Start feeding your mind with life changing tips and inspiration through YHB’s online platform www.yhb.online, transform the quality of your life and discover yourself thinking, feeling, and acting differently in no time.

Visit the workshops section on our online platform to find information about our latest events and workshops or explore our featured wellness packages here.

Otherwise you may contact us at general@yhblivingbalance.com to obtain more information about our wide range of services, including seminars, workshops, coaching, live training, online training and multi media.

Learn more about our services here.

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